Educating through Innovative Design

We at Four Pines Publishing aim to create and distribute fun and educational materials for children and adults. Our various instruments, books, films, kits, paintings, and library of vintage books contribute to our mission of educating people about statistics, science, mathematics, history and investing.

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The Galton Board is a 7.5” by 4.5” desktop probability machine. This delightful little device brings to life the statistical concept of normal distribution. As you rotate the Galton Board on its axis, you set into motion a flow of steel beads that bounce with equal probability to the left or right through several rows of pegs. As the beads accumulate in the bins, they approximate the bell curve, as shown by the yellow line on the front of the Galton board. This hands-on Galton Board allows you to visualize the order embedded in the chaos of randomness.

Index Funds: The 12-Step Recovery Program for Active Investors

Mark Hebner is on a mission to change the way the world invests – by replacing speculation with an education. This small, compact, 5” x 7”, 318-page handbook on intelligent investing addresses the financial behaviors of investors, the pitfalls of active investing, and the benefits of passive investing with index funds. Complete with a foreword by Harry Markowitz, this is a quick, intelligent read and arguably the most artistic book ever written on investing.

Index Funds the Movie
Slick Wall Street sales pitches and fear tactics are cleverly designed to make your broker rich, not you. This film reveals how the stock market works, and how to build a portfolio of low-cost index funds so you can invest and relax.
Index Fund Advisors... combining creativity with science to provide a successful investment experience. Advice based on long-term data, empirical research, and time-tested evidence. Start your investment education today by ordering the Index Funds Investing Kit, which includes Index Funds: A 12 Step Recovery Program for Active Investors book written by founder and President of IFA, Mark Hebner; a copy of the Index Funds the documentary; as well as The Random Walker which simulates market activity right in front of your eyes. These tools will provide a foundation for understanding how markets work, the merits of an evidence-based investment approach, and to allow you to finally invest and relax.
Investing Kit

Tending the flock

Tending the Flock: Shepherding Catholic Retirement Plans is an up-to-date and quick read that provides valuable information, insights, and information, and it is specifically written for retirement plan sponsors within Catholic organizations. The book is a comprehensive, practical guide for plan stewards of Catholic organizations written to deliver best practices for building a new secure retirement plan structure in today’s post-Great Recession economy.